Beautiful & Brutal

Faded memories forever lost to the sea — Sheffield psych-rock quartet Electric Tape Recorder have washed ashore once more to recount tales of nightmarish nihilism narrated with a beautiful barbarity.




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Repeater 2: July 6th 2024

Repeater 2 will be a teeth rattling Sheffield/Berlin/Bristol psych-sandwich.

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Sewage Farm Support Gig

We're super excited, and extremely stoked, to be supporting Sewage Farm.

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Repeater’s Teasers & Promo’s

How did we make promo content to cut through the noise?

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How We Made: No! Music Video

Creativity and constraints can be opportunities in disguise.

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Rave Reviews — Repeater

Rave Reviews + Repeater

A debut offering that’s equal parts beautiful and brutal.

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Sloucher + Repeater

Shoegazey in spirit, Psychedelic by nature.

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How We Made: Repeater Music Video

How we made the music video for Repeater.

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Electric Tape Recorder — Repeater Release

An Introduction: Electric Tape Recorder

Faded memories, cast in iron and silver, forever lost to the sea.

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