30th July, 2023

Defeye Creative + Repeater:Official Music Video

We teamed up with super-talented filmmaker Matt Pritchard from Defeye Creative to create the official music video for our first single, Repeater. Ideas and concepts were shared, explored, pinned, and binned — But it was a shared affection for 1970s horror films that proved to be the catalyst. Creating a music video is an exhilarating journey, but when it’s inspired by the eerie charm of 1970s horror films, shot in a single day within a confined space, and meticulously lit to evoke a specific atmosphere — the adventure takes on a whole new dimension.

Before diving into the deep end, it’s important to understand where our inspiration came from. The 1970s brought us iconic horror films with a unique blend of suspense, psychological terror, and atmospheric cinematography. Films like “Don’t Look Now” and “Suspiria” captivated us with their use of space, colour, and lighting, therefore we wanted to pay homage to this era and tell a story that matched the mood of the song.

The narrative and concept resonate with the repetitive nature of the music — The protagonist is trapped in a nightmarish routine-led loop, washed in an existential crisis of anxiety and fear. One of the defining elements of the music video is the lighting and colour setup. Matt replicated the warm, muted tones and harsh shadows characteristic of 1970s horror films, creating an unsettling, immersive, and anxious atmosphere.

To maintain the intensity of the shoot, “Repeater” was filmed in a single day. Well, in under 4 hours to be precise. This added pressure fueled creativity and determination. With a well-organised schedule, Matt captured the entire story within the tight timeframe. Once the shoot was wrapped, he continued the cinematic magic in post-production.

In the end, “Repeater” emerged as a testament to a shared creative journey, dedication, and love for the horror genre. It was a challenging journey, full of cake and nakedness, but one that allowed us to pay tribute to the 1970s horror classics that inspired us. Stay tuned for more from Electric Tape Recorder, and remember, the next time you watch a horror movie, you might just spot some of our influences!