13th June, 2023

Faded memories, cast in iron and silver.Forever lost to the sea.

Faded memories, cast in iron and silver, forever lost to the sea — Sheffield quartet Electric Tape Recorder have washed ashore once more to recount wild-western tales of nightmarish nihilism, narrated with a beautiful barbarity. Bitter-sweet melodies, grounded by hypnotic beats and razor-sharp riffs lay the foundations of their psych-rock—psych-pop sound that will wash you within the darkest wave to show an illusion that you’ll never quite see.

In between the shillies and the shoreline, distant faded memories submerge. Former glories and past performances with Thomas Truax, Dutch Uncles, Islet, Wet Nuns, and Smoke Fairies, as well as an appearance at End Of The Road Festival, were washed away, forever lost to the sea — A studiously mature psych-rock vision emerged in its place.

Upon returning to dry land in 2023, Craig Stancer (drums & percussion) and Phil McDonald (vocals & guitars), joined by Steven Hobson (bass) and Trevor Eriksson-Pattinson (backing vocals & guitars) began recording the EP, ‘Strange Holiday’.

The band continued to ride the crest of a wave recording drums and bass at Epic Head, Sheffield, with esteemed engineer, Nort (Cabaret Voltaire, Hula, Yonni). Trevor Eriksson-Pattinson masterfully recorded vocals and guitars whilst mixing the EP in collaboration with Jon Fearon (The Longcut) who subsequently produced the final mastered version. Releasing in July 2023, their new single ‘Repeater’ sets the mood and tone for the band’s forthcoming EP.