5th September, 2023

How We Made:Repeater Teaser Content

We live in an age where everyone is pushing and pulling to get heard. So, we made a promotion plan to cut through the noise! We created a large suite of interconnected and visually consistent content to differentiate ourselves and our music. When we released our first single, Repeater, we created a huge range of teaser videos, imagery, sign-ups, pre-saves, and soundbites to promote the single as far and as wide as we could. These short, captivating clips played a pivotal role in setting the stage for release. In retrospect, singular social media posts, sign-ups, and pre-saves offered us very little in terms of traction in comparison to motion-led content that had a slice of odd humour laced through it.

Every great project starts with a spark of inspiration. For our teaser videos, we drew inspiration from the world of radio and decided to incorporate voiceovers reminiscent of classic radio broadcasts, with a slice of Matt Berry-esque vocalisation thrown in for good measure. We knew this would not only pay homage to a timeless medium but also engage our audience in an intriguing way. Below is an example of how we started each teaser video — Our very own narration maestro, Trev, would lay down the foundations of the teaser in the form of a radio advert:

Once the narration was complete for each teaser, we began to work on coupling it with visuals. We wanted to grab the audience’s attention right from the start, so we infused our voiceovers with humor and unconventional storytelling. These voiceovers not only introduced listeners to the theme of Repeater but also gave us the option of using quite a lot of abstract and literal imagery to highlight each passing phrase. To elevate our teaser videos, we knew visuals were key. We employed a two-phase strategy to increase engagement throughout the build-up to the single release.

In the initial stages of our campaign, we focused on humor and offbeat visuals. These teasers were designed to draw people in, creating a sense of curiosity and provide a taste of our creative direction.

As the release date drew nearer, we transitioned to teasers that showcased visuals directly from the music video and this gradual shift allowed us to build excitement and familiarity. By revealing more glimpses of the music video’s stylised imagery, we ensured that our audience was aware of the single and music video release. Plus, we quite liked the juxtaposition and contrast between the imagery types for the preliminary teasers and the release date teasers.

Throughout the teaser campaign, we engaged with our audience on social media platforms, and this two-way communication allowed us to build anticipation ahead of the single’s release. We followed up post-release with re-appropriated teasers aiming to mop up where we left off during the launch window.

Making teaser videos for “Repeater” has been an exciting journey, blending the nostalgia of radio-inspired voiceovers with visually captivating content. These teasers have not only piqued the interest of our audience but have also set the stage for the release of our first single. In another blog post, we will make a library of all of the teasers we produced for the Repeater campaign — We’ll even include outtakes and versions that did not make it onto our social channels as part of the campaign. We hope you enjoy the teaser videos as much as we enjoyed creating them!