3rd September, 2023

No! Official Music Video

We’ve set ourselves a tremendously high bar with our first official music video for our debut single, “Repeater“. Without the skill and expertise of a filmmaker on board this time around, it was always going to be a tough ask for us to produce a quality music video for “No!”.

Our challenge was clear: create a visually captivating music video on a non-existent budget. This pointed us to the dreaded free stock footage market, although we were pleasantly surprised by what was available to us — We just had to be honest with ourselves and be as clever as we could with our restricted skillset and budget.

The idea of drawing inspiration from Noir films for the “No!” music video felt like the perfect fit. The mysterious, dramatic, and often shadowy world of Noir beautifully complemented the mood and tone of the song — It was essential to have a strong concept and strong visual narrative to guide the entire process. We carefully selected one specific catalog of stock footage that aligned with our vision and the song’s lyrics. Each clip had to evoke a sense of intrigue and emotion, ensuring a seamless connection with our music.

Given our limited budget and limited editing skills, we had to get creative. Some ham-fisted editing transformed ordinary stock footage into Noir-inspired scenes. A combination of black-and-white color grading, selective cropping, and post-production effects added depth and drama to the visuals. The editing process was where everything came to life. It was here that we married the stock footage with the song’s rhythm and lyrics. Every cut, transition, and effect was meticulously chosen to create a captivating visual story.

No creative endeavor is without its challenges. Technical glitches and time constraints tested resolve and pushed us out of our comfort zone. Yet, with some determination and a duty to try and produce something that could confidently sit next to our first music video, we pushed on. Our journey to create the “No!” music video taught us valuable lessons. Creativity knows no bounds, and budget constraints can be opportunities in disguise.

“No!” releases on all major streaming platforms on 8th September 2023 (pre-save link here). The official music video available to stream on our YouTube channel on 11th September 2023.